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About Gundooee

Gundooee is located in the Red Centre of Australia at Alice Springs.

We have a close affiliation with the Traditional Aboriginal people of the Western Desert and the art works featured on this web site are authentic and well documented, with the appropriate stories of the paintings. Stories about each painting are available on enquiry or when you purchase a painting.

Gundooee started business in Central Australia since 1997, working with 'Independent' Aboriginal Artists throughout Alice Springs and their homelands in Central Australia.

All Artists who paint at Gundooee are well cared for and stay in a friendly clean environment. Artists are well paid for their artwork. We strive to help our artists with better living conditions by buying lounges, fridges, washing machines, etc for their homes in their communities.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome - We will send images of many other paintings from featured artists on this website as well as other artists not listed.

  Featured Paintings

Janet Long Nakamara

Judy Watson Napangardi

Paddy Lewis Tjapanangka


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